Banker's Quality Strong Room Doors
  Door Frame

Tested quality 10mm thick M.S plate is used for fabricating the one piece bent angle door frame . For strength and rigidity the door frame is suitably reinforced along the height and width . A special box-jamb is welded to the frame to provide strong rebate for the shooting bolts. As a result of this the door frame is heat in appearance.

  Automatic Re - Locking Devices

Strong room doors are fitted with two sensitive reliable re- locking devices. In case any attempt is made through the keyhole either using any tools or with the help of explosives then these devices get activated and deadlock the bolt work for added resistant.

  Electronic Lock For Detender Type Safes (replaces Old Combination Locks)

Very convenient & keyless operation, highly reliable heavy duty electronic lock, high security mechanical override key for emergency opening and, forgotten code resetting, all standard & optional features of electronic safes are available, supplied with all fittings, hardware & installation guidance, optional remote alarm, prices available on request.

  Impact Resisting Shaft For Handle

Attractively designed convenient to use handles are fitted on an impact resisting shaft which is meant to defeat attempts to hammer it in –another unique feature of Vishal Bankers Quality Strong Room doors .

  Fire Resistance

Vishal double duty barrier material provides reliable Resistant against fire. The placement of the barrier material is such that it protects all vital parts like locks and bolt work from fire more effectively.

  High Security Locks

Strong room doors are fitted with four Vishal superior quality dual control high precision 12-lever locks .Stainless steel keys are supplied in duplicate.

“At extra cost, if specified at the time of placing of the order, Vishal 4-wheel numerical lock which offers nearly 100 million combinations for setting and resetting can be provided or superior quality imported time locks with multiple clock movements can be fitted.”

  Drill Defeat Shield

Locks and re-locking devices are protected by A specially designed drill defeat shield which defeats the attempts to drill open the locks.

  FINAL finish

Thoroughly cleaned from rust, millsclae, dust dirt etc. &treated for entrusting. The door is given successive under coats & finally a finish coat.

  Grill Gate

For convenience of working in The strong room, A well-designed grille gate is provided which is secured with Vishal high precision 8-lever lock opera table from both sides. Stainless steel keys are provided in duplicate.

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