Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets
Facts about business fire losses are frightening. Companies whose records are Destroyed by fire go out of business. Vishal fire resisting filing cabinets are specially designed to protect your valuable documents from fire.

The entire filing cabinet has a doubale wall construction with fire resisting compound in between. The sheet metal thickness is kept minimum fdor controlling heat conductivity and reinforced at vital places to enable the filing cabinet withstand the impact of fall .Each drawer is housed is separate fire resisting compartments.

Pured cement type insulating materials forms a seamless one-piece barrier. On curing it is less likely to dust, flake or break.

Tongue and groove construction eliminates even minute gapsbetween closed drawer and body frame and prevents the passage of hot gases and flames into drawer.

Drawers roll out fully, freely and quietly. In an emergency a mere push will close an open drawer and lock it automatically.

A 8 lever dual control key lock on top drawer controls all drawers. However individual drawer latches allow the user to leave one or more drawers unlocked with the plunger in the locked position.
  Stylish & Finish

Vishal fire resisting filing cabinets are provided with most attractive recessed drawer handless combined with latch trigger and label holder and is cleaned with antirust solutions, primed and painted with antirust (two-tone) enamel point.

 Overall outside dimention in mm                                                               Net Weight
 Type Height Width Depth Kg.(Aprox)
 4 Drawer  1527  541  803       450
 3 Drawer  1165  541  803       350
 2 Drawer  800  541  803       250
 1 Drawer  438  541  803       150
 clear inside dimention of drawer.
 Height : 285    Width : 384    Depth : 635

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