Fire Resistant Record Cabinets

Fire Strikes Unexpectedly, without any warining devouring anything in its path , the first target is always paper documents. Ledgers,insurance policies , share certificates, record the very basis of modern commerce.

The Vishal Fire Resistant Recorde Cabinet is your answer to the hazard of fire , designed and manufactured by a team of experts with experience of over quarter of a century in the field , the Vishal Fire Resistant Record Cabinet provides the ultimate safety for valued information occumulated over the years.

Construction :- The Vishal Fire Resistant Record Cabinet Has a double wall construction with a specially formulated fire resisting compound sandwiched in between. To minimize the conductivity of heat the sheet metal thickness is maintained at the minimum possible, and reinforced at vital places to enable the cabinet to with stand the impact of all.

Poured cement type insulating material forms a monolithic barrier and does not power , flake of break on curring.

The tongue and groove construction between the tongue and groove construction between the door and body jambs prevents the passage of hot Gases and flames into the Cabinet.

The door is secured in the body by means of eight shooting bolts l.e.3 Nos on each vertical side and one each on top and botton. The movement of both is locked by specially macufactured 8 lever dual control key lock with stainless steel keys in duplicate.

Out side In side Weight
        H                  W                  D           H                   W                    D Kg.(Aprox)
1875 mm
825 mm
710 mm
1635 mm
660 mm
545 mm


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