Fire & Burglary Resistant Safes
  Body thick tough steel plate. 16. bands round corner-single joint inner lining of 2mm crc sheet, body thickness on all 5 sides 100 mm including double duty barrier materials which is fire resistant.


12 mm of thick tough steel plate total thickness of various barrier materials in the door is 130 mm to 150 mm.

  Fire Resistance

Suitable themal insulation is inseted between the door frame & front flanges of the inner body to ensure resistant against flow of heat from the outer body to the inner body.

  Locking Mechanism

The Vishal Banker`s Quality Safes are fitted with vishal`s superior, quality dual-cintrol, high-precision 12 lever locks. These locks are unpickable and only the original keys will open them. Satainless steel keys are supplied in duolicate. The locks are of a Brass Body, unlike most anither brands. The Vishal Banker`s Quality Safes also can be fitted with a combination lock, if required. This combination lock will be over and above the 12-lever lock, unlike others.

  Protective shield that doesn`t yield

As locks are most vulnerable to attack by safe breakers, they are protected with a specially designed unique 14 mm drill-defeat shield provided in the door . this is over and above that 5mm hard plate and Double-Duly Barrier.

  Automatic re-locking device on all locks : the key difference

A standard feature on all modelsof vishal Bankers Quality safes, this sensitivedevice is triggered-off when an attack is attempted on the lock through the keyhole, either with the help of liquid explosives or or mechanically. This device gets automatically actuated when the safe-breaker tampers with or attacks the lock with a sledgehammer or any other instruiment .All the key locks are guarded by this unique Automatic Re-locking feature.
Throughly cleaned form rust, millsclae,dust, dirt etc.& treated for antirusting.The safe is given successive under coats & finally a finish coat.

  Electronic lock for defender type safes (Replaces old combination locks)

Very convenient & keyless operaion.Highly reliable heavy duty electroniclock. High security mechanical override key for emergency opening and forgotten code resetting. All standard & optional features of electronic safes are available. Supplied with all fittings,hardware & installation guidance, optional remote alarm. Prices available on request.
We have specialized in the art of manufacturing, designing the all according to the taste & choice of our esteemed costumers.

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